Promotion Tops 2022

Please contact us for further branding options. !"# VIP &m Automatic stick umbrella VIP: metal shaft, coloured fibreglass ribs with metal tips, plastic top, plastic handle with integrated press button, transparent POE canopy with coloured binding, closure with press button | Packing: 12/36pcs. | Size: Ø103cm | Material: Metal / Fibreglass / POE | Branding: s 240/140x200mm S0+H2+V3 (1) 56-0103400 blue / transparent 56-0103403 red / transparent 56-0103402 white / transparent 56-0103404 yellow / transparent 56-0103401 black / transparent BELLEVUE "#$%&%(%'( n Dome-shaped umbrella BELLEVUE: metal shaft and ribs, plastic tips and top, transparent plastic handle with air bubble e " ect, transparent POE canopy with silver piping, and press button fastener | Packing: 12/24pcs. | Size: Ø101 cm | Material: Metal / POE | Branding: s 240/140x200mm S0+H2+V3 (1) Handle with air bubble e ! ect