Promotion Tops 2022

PERFECT !"#$%&&$$' 6-piece manicure kit PERFECT consists of a nail file, tweezers, nail cuticle scissors, 2nail clippers, a pair of scissors, packed in a pouch with a zip, coloured seams and a metal plate for engraving your logo | Packing: 25/50pcs. | Size: 14,8x8,9x3cm | Material: Steel / PU | Branding: l 30x 10mm L1+H3 (1) PRETTY IN BLACK Manicure set PRETTY IN BLACK, 5pieces: comprises nail file, tweezers, nail cuticle scissors, nail clipper, and a pair of scissors, in rectangular case with button on the side | Packing: 20/100pcs. | Size: 11 x6,5x2cm | Material: Plastic / Steel | Branding: § 6cm " DP1+H2 (10) 56-0499052 grey 56-0499053 red