Promotion Tops 2022

NEW ROASTBEEF !"#$%$&%'$ Stainless steel cutlery set ROASTBEEF, consists of a knife and a fork packed in a silver case with a transparent lid | Packing: 30sets | Size: 34x8x 3,5cm | Material: Stainless Steel / Aluminium / Plastic | Branding: t 60x25mm K1+H3+V1 (1) ROASTY !"#$%$))!& Stainless steel carving set ROASTY, 4pieces: consists of carving knife, meat fork, scissors, and waiter’s knife, in black nylon bag with loop | Packing: 30pcs. | Size: 36x9x 2,7cm | Material: Stainless Steel / Carbon Steel / Plastic / Nylon | Branding: u 50x80mm T1+H6 (10) CARVE !"#$%$))*" 3-piece stainless steel carving set CARVE: consists of sharpening rod with a metal loop to hang, carving knife, and meat fork, packed in a simple box | Packing: 12sets | Size: 30,5cm | Material: Stainless Steel / Plastic | Branding: t 25x 10mm K1+H8 (4)