Promotion Tops 2022

NEW NEW CALMY !"#$%$"$%& Glass carafe with tumbler glass CALMY, tumbler glass may serve as a lid, capacity: approx. 500ml | Packing: 50pcs. | Size: Ø7,5x 17cm | Material: Borosilicate Glass | Branding: t 25x60mm K2+H6+V1 (4) Approx. 500 ml COOKIE DEPOT !"#$%$(()& Glass storage jar COOKIE DEPOT, with glass lid, capacity: approx. 1.000ml | Packing: 12pcs. | Size: Ø12x 15,8cm | Material: Glass | Branding: t 25x50mm K2+H4+V1 (4) Approx. 1.000 ml