Promotion Tops 2022

COMFORT !"#$%$&''% WY Thermometer COMFORT with temperature display (min. & max.), measuring range 0-50°, with a suction cup and removable roof for various positioning | Packing: 50/200pcs. | Size: 9,7 x8,9x2,5cm | Material: Plastic / Glass | Branding: t 35x 10mm K1+H4 (4) SHINY DAY !"#$%$&$)' ,.DM Weather station SHINY DAY with LCD screen, aluminium front, alarm clock, date display, thermometer, and a fold-out stand on the back | Packing: 20/40pcs. | Size: 13x2x 13cm | Material: Plastic / Aluminium | Battery: AAA/LR03/AM4 | Branding: § 40x 10mm DP1+H4 (10) With weather forecast CALOR !*#$%$&+,! ,DM Weather station CALOR: with thermometer, hygrometer, humidity and time display, blue LED background lighting, made of white ABS plastic | Packing: 25/50pcs. | Size: 13x9x 3,5cm | Material: Plastic | Battery: AAA/LR03/AM4 | Branding: t 25x5mm K1+H3 (4)