Promotion Tops 2022

MONSUN &pU Fibreglass golf umbrella MONSUN with a ventilation system, fibreglass shaft and ribs, plastic tips and plastic handle with a nylon canopy, closure with Velcro | Packing: 12/24pcs. | Size: Ø132cm | Material: Fibreglass / Nylon | Branding: s 350/170x310mm S1+H2 (6) Allows the wind to blow through 56-0104171 black / dark green 56-0104172 black / red 56-0104174 black / orange 56-0104173 black / grey CONCIERGE "#$%&%'(&( &9 Giant golf umbrella CONCIERGE with an extra large diameter of 180cm for approx. 7persons, fibreglass shaft and ribs, with safety runner, plastic tips, rubber-coated handle, polyester pongee canopy and pouch, closure with Velcro | Packing: 6/12pcs. | Size: Ø180cm | Material: Fibreglass / Polyester | Branding: s 400/300x350mm S1+H6 (6) Extra large Ø 180 cm