Promotion Tops 2020

FUN & FAMILY 520 IMAGINE 56-0504008 W 8wax crayons IMAGINE packed in a gift box | Packing: 120/240pcs. | Size: 9cm | Material: Wax | Branding: t 25x30mm K1+V1(4) RAINBOW 56-0504090 Set of 6coloured pencils RAINBOW, sharpened, packed in a colourful box, assorted 4colours | Packing: 100/400pcs. | Size: 9x4,5x0,9cm | Material: Wood | Branding: t 25x35mm K1+V1(4) CRAZY ANIMALS 56-0504096 Colouring set CRAZY ANIMALS with 12colouring pages with different designs to colour in, 8coloured pencils sharpened, in transparent box | Packing: 50/200pcs. | Size: 14,7x10,2x1,2cm | Material: Wood / Plastic | Branding: t 40x30mm K1+H2+V1(1) AGILE Flexible pencil AGILE not sharpened, with eraser | Packing: 50/1000pcs. | Size: 35cm | Material: PVC, Phthalate free | Branding: t 50x4mm K1(1) Flexible 56-1102310 orange 56-1102312 pink 56-1102311 blue