Promotion Tops 2020

FUN & FAMILY 516 NEW BRUSH & EASEL 56-0504108 Painting set BRUSH & EASEL: canvas on wooden easel with design to colour in, 1paint brush with 3water colours included | Packing: 100/200pcs. | Size: 8x7x1,1/ 12,5x7,2cm | Material: Wood | Branding: t 35x5mm K1+H2(1) PAINT YOUR PICTURE 56-0504091 Children’s puzzle PAINT YOUR PICTURE, consists of 4different puzzles (to colour in) and 4felt tip pens, packed in OPP bag | Packing: 100pcs. | Size: 17,8x17,8cm | Material: Plastic / Paper | Branding: t 50x15mm K1(1) CROCODILE 56-0504099 Painting set CROCODILE: consists of 4felt-tip pens in different colours and soft toy to colour, packed in PVC bag with handles | Packing: 50pcs. | Size: 15x8x11cm | Material: Polyester / Plastic | Branding: t 60x20mm K1+H5+V1(1) Washable soft toy TUBY 56-0504115 Colouring set TUBY, in a tin: 4pencils in different colours, sharpened, 5colouring sheets with different designs to colour in | Packing: 200/400pcs. | Size: Ø2,8x15cm | Material: Plastic / wood / Paper / Aluminium | Branding: t 60x10mm K1+H2(1)