Promotion Tops 2020

HOUSEHOLD & WELLBEING 396 SAVOUR 56-0301428 W Wine set SAVOUR, 4pcs: consists of waiter’s knife, wine ring, metal nozzle, and a bottle stopper, in gift box | Packing: 20/40pcs. | Size: 16x14x5cm | Material: Stainless Steel / Zinc Alloy / EVA | Branding: t 70x25mm K1+H4(1) BOLERO 56-0499066 Y Digital wine bottle thermometer BOLERO with a plastic holder, auto power on/off when attached/detached to or from bottle | Packing: 20/80pcs. | Size: 7,3x7,2x4cm | Material: Plastic / Aluminium | Branding: l 25x3mm L1+H4(1) Determines the perfect temperature The perfect serving temperature for most red wines lies between 18-20 °C. For white wines a serving temperature of 13-16°C is recommended. In case of extreme cooling the flavour and aroma are repressed.