Promotion Tops 2020

LIGHTS & TOOLS 294 NEW BRIGHT LIGHT 56-0403109 GW Torch BRIGHT LIGHT: with 2light modes, powerful LED and working light with 20COB-LEDs for a homogeneous light quality, rubber-coated ON/OFF button, with magnet at the end of the handle and wrist strap | Packing: 50/100pcs. | Size: Ø3,3x19cm | Material: Plastic | Battery: AAA/LR03/AM4 | Branding: l 100x10mm L2+H4(1) With magnet function DO IT YOURSELF 56-0403124 PW Work lamp DO IT YOURSELF: with 2brightness levels (work light, single light), on/off switch, plastic casing with handle, two feet for stable stand, printing area on battery cover | Packing: 40/80pcs. | Size: 13,1x10x3,6cm | Material: Plastic | Battery: AAA/LR03/AM4 | Branding: t 40x20mm K1+H4(4) 2 light modes