Promotion Tops 2020

OFFICE 278 LILLEHAMMER 58-1102037 Business card case LILLEHAMMER: with spring lock, made of silver-coloured metal and transparent acrylic | Packing: 100pcs. | Size: 10,4x6,8x1cm | Material: Aluminium / Acrylic | Branding: l 50x50mm L3+H2(1) NAVIGATION 56-0603030 Elegant chrome designed compass NAVIGATION with a wide metal rim, packed in a metal box | Packing: 50/100pcs. | Size: Ø5,3x1,5/ 10,5x8,4x2,5cm | Material: Metal | Branding: l 50x30mm L3+H2(1) Also a paperweight ARC 56-1107001 Rotatable photo frame ARC for 2photos, each photo 15x10cm | Packing: 10/40pcs. | Size: 21x15x1cm | Material: Aluminium | Branding: t 60x20mm K2+H6+V1(4)